Gathering materials on Rust is a vital aspect to gameplay. A lot of players though do not like the default gathering rate. There is a simple oxide plugin to fix this!

How to change the Gathering Rate on your Rust Server

Shut down your server
Navigate to the Oxide Plugin Manager on the sidebar of your Rust server

Find a gather manager plugin and then install it. The plugin used in this guide will be
Reboot your server and log into the server in-game
Open up your console in game (The default keybind is F1) and type the command gather.rate dispenser * 5 (This will increase the gathering rate by 5)

The Gather Manager plugin that was used in this tutorial does offer more control, you can find a list of all commands and possible variations of gathering multipliers on the plugin's page.

If you're using a different oxide plugin to the one linked in this guide then the commands could differ, refer to the plugin's page for more information. If the command does not work, make sure your account is an administrator.
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