RCON is a protocol which allows you to easily communicate with your Rust server to send commands and do other admin related tasks. For Rust, there is a very powerful desktop application called RustAdmin which has a completely free tier and gives you a beautiful gui. The process and installation is very easy!

How to setup RustAdmin for RCON

Navigate to the RustAdmin website
Click the Download button under the RustAdmin Desktop Client

Once the ZIP file is finished downloading, unzip it and run the RustAdmin.exe located in the RustAdminRelease folder.
Select the Configuration tab

Select WebRcon for the RCON Type
Fill out the boxes under Server with the following data:
IP: Your server IP (Found on control panel)
Server port: 28015
Rcon port: 28020
Password: Your Rcon password (Located in Rust Server Settings)
Press the Save button located on the bottom of the page

You then may enter a name for your configuration in the dialogue box that appears.
Before leaving this page you may also fill out things such as your SteamID, set up anticheats, and auto response to specific messages.
Navigate back to the Console tab

In the top left, hit Server -> Connect

You are now connected to your Rust server via RCON! You can now easily send commands and control the server!
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