If you get the error "Email not found" this means the user has not signed up to https://panel.pebblehost.com, please check the user has registered as detailed below. Also, make sure they have not accidentally registered on the billing panel instead.

This guide will explain how to add and edit subusers on our gamepanel, which allows you to give your friends, administration team, or co-owners the ability to control your server via our gamepanel.

Adding a sub-user.

Ask the user to register on https://panel.pebblehost.com/site/register
Navigate to the server you wish to add them on
On the left-hand side click 'Sub-Users'

Click "Add user"

In the box that appears, type the user's username (if they're not sure of their username, they can click their profile picture in the top right to see it).
Click "Add"
A permissions editor will open, allowing you to choose what permissions you would like to add to the user.

Editing permissions

On the subusers page, choose a user and click "Configure permissions" to edit their permissions

You will see a dropdown with all the possible permissions you can give them, as seen below. Additionally, there are predefined permission groups such as "Moderator" which allow you to quickly give a user the correct permissions without having to select each permission, however you can still change permissions individually after selecting a group.

Note: Giving the user the "Manage sub-users" permission can be dangerous as this allows them to add another user with more permissions than they have themselves. They will not, however, be able to edit your permissions as an owner.
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