This guide will explain how to add and edit subusers and explain their permissions for our Multicraft Control Panel.

Ask the user to register on
Navigate to the server you wish to add them on
On the left-hand side click 'Sub-Users'

Enter the user's username into the empty box (if they bought their own server or had an account when we used Pterodactyl then their username is their email)
Set the user's Role and FTP Access as explained below.

Multicraft roles and their permissions:

Guest: Can see basic server information, online status and player count
User: Can use the chat box and view custom server commands
Moderator: Can use the "say" command, view the server console, use some commands (/summon, /kick, /tp, /give)
Super Moderator: Can use all server commands, start/stop the server. Has full access to FTP
Administrator: Has full server access, can give others FTP access, manage players
Co-Owner: Can give other users any of the above Multicraft roles
Owner: The owner of the server

Note: You can explicitly give users a role and give them FTP access even if the role doesn't have it.

If you're unsure feel free to checkout our video guide below!

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