How to add ARK server admins

In this guide, we will learn how to add admins so that specified users can use admin commands without needing to specify the admin password, this can be seen as more of as an admin whitelist so that they can get on with editing the server.

Head to the Admin List in the panel down the left hand side.

In this page, you can see a list of currently active admins on the server, remove current admins and on the right hand side you can add more admins. To add users, you will need to find their Steam 64 ID which you can get from the following site:

Once you have their ID, simply paste it into the box and press add. A second option can be to set a custom URL in steam itself. To do this, login to Steam, click your name, then your profile. On your profile page, press Edit Info and there you will see an option to set a custom URL. Simply then save and exit out of that menu, then you can use your custom URL in the Admin List page too.

To remove an admin, you can simply hit the remove button and this will remove them from the admin list.

Click the restart button on the panel to reload your server with your new admin list!

Now you have your ARK server admins, why not check out a list of useful admin commands here:
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