This guide will explain how to set up a resource pack as a server resource pack, this means that all players will be given the option to use the resource pack when they join the server

Hosting the resource pack
Firstly, you'll need somewhere to host the resource pack, this needs to be a direct download link which rules out lots of sites such as Mediafire, or Google Drive.

Option 1 (Recommended)
One option is to use a site meant for resource pack hosting such as MCPacks.

Go to
Drag the ZIP file of the pack you wish to use, onto the Choose File button

Click Upload
The site will give you the details in the following format, you can proceed to the Adding the resource pack section:


Option 2
Your second option is to use Dropbox to host it, however this involves extra steps

Go to and sign up for an account

Choose the Basic plan

Once you get to this page, do not install it, simply go to and you can use the web interface

Drag the file into the dropbox

Click "Share", then at the bottom "Create Link" and copy the link

It should give you a link like You need to change the ?dl=0 at the end, to ?dl=1
To get the SHA1 of the file, go to this online tool and add the file, it will give you a hash like 7e8434889947b3417aded72e2495b0b85a7aef72.

This would then mean my details are:

Adding the resource pack

Once you have the resource pack details from following one of the methods above, you will need to add it to your file. To do so, you'll need to do the following:

Log into your server's FTP - How to access your server's files (using FTP)
Edit the file.
Find the resource-pack= line and change it to resource-pack=, or whatever your link is
Find the resource-pack-sha1= line and change it to resource-pack-sha1=7e8434889947b3417aded72e2495b0b85a7aef72, or whatever your hash is
Reboot the server

Allowing resource packs on the client

You'll need to make sure that, in the server entry, Server Resource Packs are set to either Prompt or Enabled, if it's set to disabled it will not work. By default it should be Prompt which means it asks.

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