Resource packs are a great way to spice up your game if you think its just getting a bit too boring.
Everyone loves changing things up every once in a while, and resource packs can get into quite a bit of detail.

Where to find resource packs

There are probably hundreds of different websites that provide great texture packs, but we always recommend trusted sources.
Some great ones are as follows:

How to install a resource pack to your client

First, you'll want to download a resource pack from any of the websites listed above. If they don't have one you like you can always find a website, just remember to be safe with what you download.
After downloading this file you will need to find your .minecraft folder.
To do so, you'll want to press your Windows Key + your R key at the same time, or type in your file search bar "Run" and open that. It should look similar to this:

Once you've opened this search up, type %appdata% and click "OK".
This will bring up your file explorer, and you'll want to look for the ".minecraft" folder. This is the folder where all of your minecraft files are located.
Enter this folder, and then you'll want to locate the "resourcepacks" folder. This is where you'll put the resourcepacks you want to install to your client.

After locating your resourcepacks folder you must enter it.
Once you've entered the folder, you simply drag the resourcepack you have downloaded into this folder like so:

How to use the resource pack you installed to your client

Once you've installed the resource packs to your .minecraft folder you'll now need to enable them.
To do so, you'll want to start up minecraft and go to the "Options" tab, then "Resource Packs..."
You should now see a screen similar to this:

Now, if you hover over the resource pack you downloaded there will be an arrow pointing to the right.
You'll want to click that arrow to move it over to the "Selected Resource Packs" area, then click "Done".
Please note, depending on what texture pack you choose your game may freeze for a few seconds. This is completely normal and will resolve itself.

Congratulations, you've successfully installed your resource pack!
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