Inside of your server's files are many important options, such as the file which allows you to configure settings regarding your server, and the ability to upload any plugins or mods. In this article we will show two different ways to access your server files.

You can pick which method you use to access your files - PebbleHost recommends using the File Manager due to it's faster speed and PebbleHost-specific features.

Accessing the File Manager

If you wish to access the files through our web-based file manager, this is simple!

Firstly, make sure you are logged into your PebbleHost Control Panel account. If you're not sure of the details please have a look at this article.
Click the "File Manager" option in the sidebar of your server

Choose the "File Manager"
You will be shown a list of your server's files:

Whilst inside the file manager, there are a few handy tips and tricks to know:

To edit a file, if it is one of the supported file extensions, just click the file name and it will automatically open in the built-in file editor. Once you're done, just click Save to save the file back to your server. This also works for .log.gz files, you do not need to unzip them before opening them as the editor will do this automatically.
To download a file, if it has a Download button on the right hand side, click this. If not, just click the file name, and it will automatically download to your computer. If you wish to download a folder, or a ZIP of multiple files at once, just tick the files then click the "Download" button at the very top of the page and the File Manager will automatically ZIP the files and download them to your PC.
To upload a file/folder, just drag the files straight onto the webpage like in the GIF below, or use the Upload button:

To extract a ZIP file, go to the folder where the ZIP is located and tick the checkbox to the left of the file. Then, go to the Archive button at the top of the page and select Decompress. Please note this does not support .rar files, only .zip and .tar.gz
To rename files, select the checkbox next to as many files as you wish, then click the Rename button and choose a new name for each file. Please note that the destination must not exist already.
To delete files, select the checkbox next to as many files as you wish, then click the Delete button. This will automatically delete them at a fast speed so even large folders such as Dynmap can be deleted, unlike with FTP
To move files, select the files which you wish to move, then click the Move button. Enter the full path to the directory you wish to move the files, for example /plugins/WorldEdit/schematics.

Accessing the server through FTP

You will need to install FileZilla from their website. When installing it, make sure to click No to any advertisements or prompts for unwanted software.
Inside your panel, go to the File Manager page, then to the FTP Client Details page in the sidebar:

Open Filezilla. On the top, you should see a 'Quick Connect' bar.
In the 'Host' box enter the FTP URI from the gamepanel.
Enter your gamepanel password into the 'Password' box.

Select Quickconnect and then you can access your server files.

If you prefer to use WinSCP we have another guide on this here: How to use WinSCP to access your server files

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