All of our billing system's suspensions and terminations run at 1AM GMT each day, and all times are based in GMT.

When do we terminate/suspend servers?

If your service is overdue (eg your due date was the 1st of January, and it is 1AM GMT on the 2nd January) the service will be suspended. See below for what this means.
If your service is 5 days overdue (eg your due date was the 1st January, and it is 1AM GMT on the 6th January), the service will be terminated. See below for what this means.

How do I see my due date?

You can go to your list of services on our billing panel, then the due date should be listed in multiple places:

What does suspended mean?

Suspended simply means your service is paused. It will be shut down, and you cannot control it, start it, or access FTP during this time. Your files are, however, still safe - and you would simply need to pay the Unpaid invoice and it would be automatically started back up. The IP would stay the same, and nothing at all would be lost.

What does terminated mean?

If your service has been terminated this unfortunately means the server has been deleted. Not to worry though, we may have a backup of the files however it would not be possible to get the old IP address back as this may have been assigned to another client.

If we do have a backup of the files, you would need to purchase a new service for us to put the files on. If you would like us to check if we have a backup of your terminated service, simply open a billing ticket and we can take a look at this for you.

How long do you keep the backup of my files?

We have a system that takes a copy of the files a few days before a server is terminated, and puts these in a special area of the backup node that does not get automatically wiped. This means that we should have a copy of your server files forever - but please note, no backups are guaranteed to be kept and we may need to delete backups of servers terminated a long time ago, or take other measures, so if you want to check if we have a copy of your files, please do so as soon as possible by opening a billing ticket.
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