Discord bot hosting allows you to run code you or others have created to interact with in a Discord server. Common Discord bots include ticket bots, music bots, FAQ/help bots, amongst countless other types. Hosting it yourself allows you to directly modify the code and by extension the bots behaviors to allow you absolute customizability.

We offer Discord bot hosting for $3 per month which can be purchased here.

We support Node.JS, Python, and Java based Discord bots!
What is a self-hosted Discord Bot?

A self-hosted Discord bot is a bot in which you control the source code (bot files), when the bot is online (or offline), and the features it has. The biggest advantage of this versus bots others have created as you are not restricted by the features they have, or haven't added, their hardware, and hoping they can help you with any issues you experience

Why is a Discord Bot useful?

By self hosting your Discord bot (Or bots, we support multiple bots per plan!) you open up a door to endless opportunities. Now you can provide streamlined and organized support to your community, track rewards, run giveaways, or even post automated responses all from your bot without relaying on a third-party!

How do I host a Discord Bot?

This part is a breeze!
Head to our bot hosting page and click the green Order button to get started!
Scroll down and select what billing cycle you'd like (Hint! Some include a discount), where you'd like it located, what addons, languages, and how much RAM you'd prefer.
Click CHECK OUT, provide the required details, and complete your payment.
Once completed you are now the proud new owner of a self hosted Discord bot!

How can PebbleHost help with your Discord bot hosting needs?

We provide a streamlined and easy-to-use control panel to manage all of the innerworkings of your bots such as what language the bot is written in, easy access to MySQL databases, and even a large selection of Discord bot preinstalls to get your self hosted bot off the ground in a matter of minutes! You can view all the tech specs and details on our self hosted Discord bot page found here.
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