Upon first start, the server will be unclaimed, you will need to connect to the server via the Server Manager and then claim the newly started server.

Claim server menu

During the claiming process, Satisfactory will ask you for a admin password, think of a good password to use, then enter it into the textbox.

Set Admin password
Anyone who connects with the admin password will be allowed to run admin commands such as kicking and banning players. It is recommend to use a strong password that isn't easy to guess.

Now you will just need to pick a starting area to build your factory. The entire map is always relatively the same, so you can navigate to other areas if you wish to do so later, the starting area is just where you want to spawn. The areas are ordered from easiest to hardest, with the rightmost option being the hardest.
Additionally, you need to set a session name below the starting area list. This can be anything, but it's recommended to name it something easy to remember!

Setting start area & name

Once you have chosen your factory name and starting area, be sure to enable auto join, such that you connect to the map once the server is done loading.
After that is selected, hit the Create Game button to start your new map!
Check the auto join box

Create the server map

Once you have created the game, the server will prepare the map and do everything it needs in the background. Once it's ready to join, it should automatically connect you.
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