This guide explains the complete basics of how to get started with a PebbleHost server, and what the buying/setup process looks like!

Buying the server

First we'll need to pick a plan from the main website You can select which tier you want buy selecting the View Plans.

Use the slider to order the correct plan you want and then select Configure Plan

Next, you need to choose all the options on the ordering page, and then click Continue. You can change any of the options later, don't worry if you're not sure on the server version or if you'd like a modpack, this can all be changed in our panel. Don't forget to set the Server Name at the very very bottom of the page.

Next, fill out your details including a valid email address, and your real, physical address & phone number. These are used for anti-fraud and security purposes and are not shared outside of the business or used to send physical mail.

Under "Payment Method" pick PayPal if you want to either pay with PayPal or with Visa/Mastercard, or Stripe if you wish to pay with Debit/Credit card and Google Pay, Or select Crypto if you want to pay using Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto currencies. Finally, click to Checkout and confirm the order.

Next, you will see an invoice:

If you click the PayPal Subscribe button or stripe and then select recurring payments it will set up an automatic payment that will renew the server each month. If you do this, make sure not to pay the renewal manually as it could double-pay. If you click the PayPal Check Out button it will pay the invoice one-time and you will need to log on to the billing panel again next month to renew.

After choosing the right payment option for you, go through and pay.

You should see one of these two confirmation screens:

After you are at this stage, follow on with the Getting logged into your panel instructions

Getting logged into your panel

When you buy a server you should get 3 emails. The important one is Minecraft Server Order Details, it should look like this. If you do not get it, please contact our support team:

This contains your panel link, email, and a temporary password. You need to click the link and log in with the details, it will make you choose a new password. Make sure to remember this password as it is your control panel password. You should now see a screen like this:

If you do, you are now logged into our panel.

How to start the server

To start the server you need to click on the server card on the main page of the panel:

This will take you to the main server page, which is where you can manage all of your server's settings and functions. In the top right is a Start button, click that.

If the server doesn't start, click onto the Console tab on the left, this will likely contain the error. If you are having trouble with the server, feel free to open a ticket and we'll be happy to help, but if all goes well you should now be able to join using the IP displayed on the panel!
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