Java 11 is the latest LTS release of Java, and includes many new features such as a faster garbage collection algorithm, general performance improvements, and advancements in the code that allows developers to write better and cleaner code.

Many server JARs are planning to require Java 11 in upcoming releases, so it's important to make sure your server is ready!

When Paper switches to require Java 11, what do I have to do?

As a PebbleHost customer, you will be automatically updated to the correct Java version for your server, it will not be necessary to change any settings or configuration files. Currently, all services still run Java 8 by default, however closer to the release date users will be seamlessly switched to the correct version.

Will my server be rebooted when PebbleHost switches to Java 11?

No. It will simply be switched next time you Restart the server - which would be necessary for an update to Minecraft 1.17 anyway.

What if I want to switch early?

In the PebbleHost Control Panel you can easily choose to switch to Java 11 at any point, please feel free to follow the below steps:

On your main server page, go to the PebbleHost Loader settings:
Change the Java Version option to Java 11:
Restart your server using the green Restart button on your server page

Will all my plugins be compatible with Java 11?

Likely, yes. There may be a very small minority of plugins that are not compatible however the vast majority will function correctly. You always have the option to switch back to Java 8 if you hit into any issues

Is there any server JAR / version that is not compatible with Java 11?

Yes, many Forge versions alongside older builds of Minecraft may not be compatible. The best way to test this is to simply try to start the server with Java 11 and see if it works - you can always switch back if it does not.

When we perform the update we will ensure we only switch servers to Java 11 that will be compatible.
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