How much disk space does my server have?

All PebbleHost plans come with unmetered storage as standard which can be used to store any worlds or server-related worlds, within our fair usage policy.

We do, however, ask that you keep storage usage sensible and for any plugins such as Dynmap or CoreProtect that do support MySQL, you take use of our MySQL Databases which you can create in the sidebar of your panel. Additionally, if your storage usage causes an issue for other users on the node you may be asked to reduce it.

If your server is using a large amount of disk space, you may see a message in your console that the server needs to be whitelisted in order to be able to use more disk space. This just means that a staff member needs to check over your storage usage to make sure it is within our fair use policy, and approve the use of more space. This is free, you can request this in either a Discord or Billing ticket.

How do I check my usage?

Your usage will be displayed on the Server Analytics page, this is updated every minute. Additionally, it will be displayed by the loader on restart of your server, and you can use the Other Utilities > Storage Usage Breakdown option to check what exactly is using the storage.
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