Connecting your domain to your web service:

We offer web hosting here at Pebblehost - however, you must have the domain purchased already. To connect your existing domain to our web servers you need to first change your servers to ours. On your domain registrar's website find the Nameservers section and enter these values:

If you use our nameservers you do not need to do anything else.

**NOTE:** The recommended method is stated above for the most flawless DNS records, while using our nameservers is an option it's strongly suggested to use the method below at this current time.

If you wish to use different nameservers (for example Cloudflare) then add these A records instead:

<yourdomain> ->
ftp -> (If you're using Cloudflare then make sure it's disabled for this record)

The above DNS records are required. The following may be added for extra functionality:

cpanel -> Allows you to access your cPanel with
webmail -> Allows you to access your webmail with Requires an MX record pointing to

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