Within this guide, we'll show how to set yourself as an Admin on your Valheim server so that you can issue administrator level commands such as kicking/banning players from the server!

Section 1 - Getting your Steam ID.

To begin, we're going to get our steam64 ID.
This ID is what you'll use to identify yourself as an Admin on your server.
To do this, go to - https://steamid.io/ and type in your steam username or sign in through steam and find it that way.

Once you've pulled up your information, you'll only need to be interested in the Steam64 ID.

Make sure you're copying the "steamID64" and nothing else!
Once you have your steam ID, you'll now want to head to your game control panel and stop the Valheim server.

Section 2 - Adding yourself to the administrator's list in your files.

Once you have your Steam ID, it's now as simple as adding this to the relevant file to get your Admin powers!
To find this file, you'll need to browse to the File Manager in your game control panel's sidebar; from there, you should be able to see all of your server files.
Now, head to /data/adminlist.txt in the File Manager; you should be able to edit the file directly and see the following output:

Double-check you're in the "/data/" folder before modifying the file, it should look like this!
You'll now need to save the file by hitting CTL+S on your keyboard or clicking on the Save button.

Section 3 - Starting the server and testing out an admin command in-game.

Now that we have added ourselves as a server administrator, our next steps will be simple.
Firstly, we'll need to start the server back up, head to your main panel page again and click the Start button in the top-right.
Once that's up and running, we're going to join the server via its IP address.

If unsure as to how to join your Valheim server, please follow our other guide on joining your Valheim server here.

Once you've loaded up in-game, the easiest way to know you're an administrator is first by opening the in-game chat and testing one of the admin commands.
For instance, you can try to use /kick <username> you'll want to use your in-game character's username, not your Steam username.
You can also use the Steam64 ID we obtained just prior.

Once you run this command, the main menu will appear.
If that's the case, this proves that you have administrator access on your Valheim server.
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