You may have seen the Automatic Backups option at checkout or wondered what it means and how our backups work, this should clear up any queries or questions.

We take backups of your service automatically every day at midnight in your server's timezone, this means that if something goes wrong, you can contact us and we will have a copy of your service's files. The Automatic Backups option gives you access to those backups for however many days you choose. Additionally, Extreme servers also have an automatic backup taken at midday every day.

For example, if you choose the 7 Days of Automatic Backups plan, that means you can access the last 7 days of backups and request either a direct restore of the backup to your service, or a download link to the files in the backup.

Manual Backups

Manual backups are a feature we offer that allows you to manually create a backup for your server at any time.
All of our servers come with this feature - Budget servers can create up to 2 manual backups and Premium servers can create up to 4.

These are kept for 7 days, or if you delete them they will be removed sooner. When a backup is deleted, it no longer counts towards your 2 or 4 backup slots.

Methods of Backup Restore

Direct Restore (Premium)
All premium servers can restore their own backups.

Upon creating a manual backup you'll need to wait for the two steps to finish, and it's advised to stop the server before creating one.

Download Link (Premium)
All premium servers have the ability to make a download link for their backups, this is useful if you would like a copy of the files or would just like to get one plugin from the backup. To do this go to the Advanced > Backups / Restore page in the panel and click Request Download Link on the backup you would like to restore. This will export the backup to a link and once it is finished the button will change to say Download. Click this to download the file.

Please see the How to extract a backup download regarding how it is possible to open and view the files.

Sub-users can also be given permission to create, restore and delete backups, you may add this from within the sub-user manager.

Direct Restore (Budget)
To restore a backup on a Budget service, you must click restore on the date you wish to have restored and fill out the ticket requesting the backup restore.
Please ensure you are signed into your billing account to speed up the resolution time on your ticket.

This requires full confirmation from the server owner via a billing ticket.

If you have added backups to your budget service then you can simply restore from the panel the same as Premium.

Download Link (Budget)
The download link is a URL that we provide to you that allows you to download your backup so that you can restore the files yourself, This is useful if you only need one world or one specific file that has been lost from your service

Temporary export links only last for 48 hours and then the link will be deactivated and will no longer work. Please see the How to extract a backup download regarding how it is possible to open and view the files.

Simply go to the Advanced > Backups / Restore page and click to request download link. This will open a ticket in the correct format for us to quickly serve your request. This also requires full confirmation by the server owner via a Billing Ticket, so make sure you are signed into your billing account.

Accessing your Backups

If you want to view the backups that your service has available, You can do this via our control panel

To request a Direct Restore for Budget or Temporary Export Link you can click the restore button in your control panel or click here to open a ticket on our billing panel; please ensure that you are signed in before you open your ticket.

How to extract a backup download

Our backup downloads are in a .tgz format which is similar to a ZIP/RAR file. You will need to install software like 7zip on windows to open this:

Go to
Pick the (alternative MSI installer) 7-Zip for 64-bit Windows x64 (Intel 64 or AMD64) option (the last one in the top table)
Install the downloaded program
Double click the .tgz file to open it.
If 7zip opens, ignore this step - It may ask what program to open it with, if it does then choose More Apps, then Look for another app on this PC, then in the File Name box, put in C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7zFM.exe then click Enter.
There should be one file inside with the ending .tar, double click that and it should open into all of your server files. From here you can make a folder on your desktop and drag all of the files out, or just drag a specific configuration or folder.
If you want to you can then upload this back to the server with FTP.

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