You may have seen the Automatic Backups option at checkout or wondered what it means and how our Automatic Backups work, this should clear up any queries or questions.

We take backups of your service automatic every day at midnight at the time of your server, this means that if something goes wrong, you can contact us and we will have a copy of your service files. The Automatic Backups option, gives you access to those backups for however many days you choose.

For example, if you chose the 7 Days plan, that means you can access the last 7 days of backups and request that a backup is exported or restored directly to your service for you

Methods of Backup Restore

If you ever do need a backup restore, we have the following options available to you.

Direct Restore
Temporary Export Link

Direct Restores
The Direct restore is when we remove all files from your service, and then restore the backup onto your service. This means that your full server will be rolled back to how it was at the time and date the chosen backup was taken.

This requires full confirmation by the server owner via a Billing ticket.

Temporary Export Link
The Temporary Export link is a URL that we provide to you that allows you to download your backup so that you can restore the files yourself, This is useful if you only need one world or one specific file that has been lost from your service

Temporary Export Links only last for 48 hours and then the link will be deactivated and no longer work.

This also requires full confirmation by the server owner via a Billing Ticket

Accessing your Backups

If you want to view the backups that your service has available, You can do this via our Multicraft panel

You can use the button at the top of the restore page, or you can click here to open a ticket on our Billing panel, Please ensure that you are signed-in before you open your ticket.
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