Ark Server Admin Commands

In this guide, you will find a list of of useful admin commands that you can use once you've enabled cheats on your server. We have guides coming to show you how to add yourself as an admin, and then enable cheats so you can get straight into running commands.

To run any of these commands, you will need to open the console page. By default, this is bound to the Tab key but you may have changed this in your game settings, if you have changed please press the key the console is binded to, to bring up the admin panel.

ShowMyAdminManager - This is a simple command that will bring up a UI menu with settings and such about the server, where you can control and modify users and much more.
requestspectator <password> - This allows anyone with the password to become a spectator within the game so you can monitor the world and players.
cheat enablespectator - This will destroy your character and put you straight into spectator mode so you can monitor the world and players
stopspectating - This brings you out of spectator mode so you can continue as a normal player.
setcheatplayer (true/false) - This will enable or disable the cheat menu
cheat AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck (Steam ID) - This will add the user to the whitelist so they can join. Please note, this requires you to have exclusive joined enabled under your Ark Server Settings on the panel.
cheat DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck (Steam ID) - This will remove the user from the whitelist so they can't join anymore. Please note, this requires you to have exclusive joined enabled under your Ark Server Settings on the panel.
cheat SetMessageOfTheDay (message) - This will set a message of the day that players will be shown everytime they connect.
cheat broadcast (message) - This will open every players chat window and send them the message specified, it's a very useful announcement command.
cheat serverchat (message) - This will send a message to everyone on the server, but won't force their chat window open.
cheat ServerChatToPlayer (Player Name) - This will send a private message to the player associated with that name.
cheat god - This will enable god mode for your player, you will now be invulnerable to attacks, damage. However, you are still able to drown so make sure you keep those oxygen levels high!
cheat fly - This will allow you to fly across the map as if you were on a dinosaur, you can now travel quickly to check out what players are doing across the map.
cheat walk - This disables flying, you will become a normal regular player in terms of movement and can only fly while riding a dinosaur that can fly.
cheat teleport - This will move you in the direction you are facing until you collide with an object or terrain. If you wouldn't collide with any of them, you are teleported to 0, 0, 0 on the map.
cheat teleportplayeridtome (ID) - This will teleport the player specified by their in game ID to the current player. You can get their ID in the admin manager with the first command in this guide.
cheat teleporttoplayer (ID) - This will teleport you to the player specified by their in game ID. You can get their ID in the admin manager with the first command in this guide.
cheat setplayerpos (x) (y) (z) - This allows you to teleport across the map to a given set of coordinates.
cheat slomo (speed) - This will change the speed of player movement, 1 is the default setting.
cheat playersonly - This will freeze everything except players on the server, this includes crafting and much more.
cheat ghost - This will enable no clip so you are able to walk through objects and walls.
cheat forcetame - This instantly tames a dinsoaur, you can ride it without a saddle as well!
cheat addexperience (experience) 0 (tribe) - This will add the amount of experience specified to either yourself or share it among the tribe. If tribe is set to 0, you will receive all the experience, if it is set to 1, it will be shared.
cheat killplayer (ID) - This will kill the player specified by their in game ID. You can get their ID in the admin manager with the first command in this guide.
cheat giveresources - This will give you 50 of all resources.
cheat infinitestats - This will give you unlimited food, stamina and ammo so you don't need to worry about restocking.
cheat listplayers - This will show you list of all currently connected players as well as their steam ID.
cheat kickplayer (Steam ID) - This will kick the player from the server so they are disconnected.
banplayer (Steam ID) - This will ban the user from the server so they will never be able to connect unless the ban is revoked.
unbanplayer (Steam ID) - This will revoke a ban from a user so they will be able to connect again.
cheat damagetarget (amount) - This will deall damange to the creature you are aiming at.
cheat destroyallenemies - This will kill all enemies on the server, this does not stop them from respawning so watch out!
cheat hurtme (amount) - This will deal the amount of damage specified to your health, now who would want to do that.
togglegun - This switches the visibility of the currently selected weapon or tool.
cheat settimeofday (timestring) - This changes the time of the day on the server, an example of the timestring could be 12:00 to set it to the middle of the day.
cheat saveworld - This will force the server to save the current world state.
cheat quit - This will exit the current world, it can be used after the above command to initate a safe shutdown of the server.
cheat execsetsleeping (true/false) - This will put your character to sleep or wake them up depending whether you set true or false.
cheat enemyinvisible (true/false) - This will make all enemies ignore you, even if you attack them first.
cheat destroyall (name) - This will destroy all objects or dinosaurs of a given name. You will need specify the class name for the object which can be found online for the object/creature you're trying to destroy.
cheat destroywilddinos - This will kill all wild dinosaurs on the map, they will respawn over time.
cheat summon (name) - This will summon a dinosaur or structure at your current location. If it is a structure, it will be rotated depending on the direction the player is facing. As above, you will need to specify the class name which needs to be found online.
cheat giveitemnum (ID) (Quantity) (Quality) (True/False) - This will give you the amount specified of a specifc item. You will need to find the ID online in order to use this command. The Quality is used to determine how rare or such the item is and how powerful it is, you will probably want false at the end as well.
cheat givetome - This will change ownership of the structure or dinosaur you are currently looking at to be yours.
cheat giveengrams - This will unlock all crafting recipes for the player.
cheat renameplayer (Old Name) (New Name) - This will rename a player to the specified new name.
cheat renametribe (Old Name) (New Name) - This will rename a tripe to the specified new name.
stat fps - This will show your FPS and Latency. This is a server wide command and anyone can use it, they don't need to enable cheats as for the rest of these commands.

These are some of the most commonly used server commands on an ARK server, although not extensive, these should give you all the power you need to manage your server and enjoy yhe commands.
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