Applying for a partnership with PebbleHost

Here at PebbleHost, we have a partnership program to work with people who may need a little help on their projects or want to work with companies to provide offers for their users, for example.
In return, we can provide services such as Minecraft servers, websites, or even promo codes for your users. State what you want in your application and we can discuss it with you.

What are the requirements?

The requirements vary depending on what you want us to partner with (i.e. a server or website, etc).

Firstly, something which all partners require:

Must not have any active association, partnership or staffing role at another hosting company;
Your service must not be in the hosting industry;
The deal needs to be beneficial for both parties.

Minecraft servers:

Average of 10+ players;
You need to have adequate funds to run the server;
A reasonable plan for advertising the server.

YouTube, Twitch and other video/streaming services):

At least 1,000 followers (or equivalent);
Proof of ownership of the account;
Active: you need to be uploading at least 3 videos per week;
You need to have a steady and reliable viewer base;
Your account must not have fake or botted views/followers (or equivalent).

Miscellaneous Partnerships and Associates (do not fit into the above categories):

A decent reputation on both Minecraft Market (MC-Market) and SpigotMC.

Meet the requirements? Want to be a partner? Here's how to apply!

Simply create a ticket on our Discord server or billing panel and answer the following (in detail!)

A brief description of your partnership;
What would you like out of the partnership;
What would you have on offer to benefit us;
How/why is the partnership beneficial for both parties;
Any other information you may feel is necessary for the application.
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