Adding sub-users to your web service:

Warning - it is not possible to give other users access to log into cPanel itself, only into individual services such as the webmail, FTP, and web disk.

You may wish to allow other users to alter aspects of your website or how it works. If you wish to add a user, simply visit the cPanel here and follow these steps:

Once logged in, select the 'User Manager' icon on the left-hand side:

From there, select 'Add User':

Enter some basic details for your new user.
> What name would you like to save them as?
> What username should they have on the cPanel?
> What's their contact email?
Choose whether you will set the user's password or if you want an email to be sent to them so they can choose it.
Select the services you want your user to have access to:

Click 'Save User'! That user will now be able to log-in to the cPanel.
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